GMTS, PSC (Geotechnical and Materials Testing Services) is a geoprofessional services firm with offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  GMTS provides comprehensive geoprofessional services, including geotechnical, geological, and soils / construction materials testing, to the construction and manufacturing industries, government, law firms, consulting groups, out-of-state firms, and other clients in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Our team includes engineers and professionals with over 35 years of experience in a wide variety of projects, including iconic construction projects in Puerto Rico.

GMTS was founded in 1996 by Engr. Héctor L. Lavergne Ramírez as a reorganization of Soil Tech, Corp., one of the largest geotechnical and geo-environmental companies in the Caribbean, in which he acted as a consulting engineer and partner. Since its beginnings, GMTS has strived to assemble experts from the industry to provide our clients superior quality services, focusing mainly on geotechnical and material testing aspects of projects. Engr. Manuel E. Ochoa Lavergne continues the GMTS legacy after Engr. Lavergne partially retired in 2016.

GMTS is founded on solid engineering principles and experience, gained through many years of study, hard/honest work, and great sacrifice. As we move forward into the new generation and world economic challenges, GMTS continues evolving over a solid technical foundation. We encourage the exploration of new and sound emerging technologies, focusing always on the best possible services for our clients. GMTS, therefore, uses for example state-of-the-art computer programs, including complex finite element modeling, if projects so require. Finally, we strongly believe (more than ever) in a teamwork approach, with close communication and coordination with clients and our network of experts.

GMTS’ mission is to be recognized as a leading expert in the field of geotechnical engineering and material testing services, with specialty in tropical regions. This can only be achieved if our clients’ projects succeed. Therefore, GMTS’ goals are aimed to provide cost effective, high quality, safe, AND on-schedule professional services. We thrive to provide nothing but the best possible services that we can… no exceptions! To meet these commitments and goals, the company has assembled a small network/team of highly qualified specialists and professional experts, to deliver the highest level of quality with the individualized approach required by each client.

A NOTE ON SAFETY: our employees are our NUMBER ONE ASSET!!!  No project is successful if our safety goals are not met.   While conscious of the safety risks associated with the construction industry, we strongly believe in a Nobody Gets Hurt philosophy.  For this, every project is planned accordingly, and employees are encouraged to focus on safety… no job is so important to risk our employees’ health and safety.


  • • Engr. Manuel E. Ochoa Lavergne, MSCE, PE

    (Senior Geotechnical Engineer / President)

  • • Engr. Héctor L. Lavergne, PE, CWI, NACE

    (former GMTS President)

  • • Engr. Nicole M. Lavergne Díaz, MSCE, PE

    (finite element and complex computer modeling)

  • • Geol. Nicolino Liberatore, PhD, PG

    (geologist / hydrogeologist consultant)

  • • Engr. José G. Paniagua, PhD, PE

    (geotechnical and seismic consultant)

  • • AATech Scientific, Inc.

    (deep foundation consultant)

  • • SPEC Group

    (laboratory testing services and consultant)

  • • Forrest Environmental Services, Inc.

    (geophysical survey specialists)