Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Services:

With senior engineers with over 30 year of experience, GMTS provides expert geotechnical engineering consulting and soils / materials testing services in related projects. GMTS is also an AASHTO and USACE accredited soils and construction materials testing laboratory. Accreditations include: Quality Systems R18, C1077 (aggregate), C1077 (concrete), and D3740 (Soil), as well as Hot Mix Asphalt and Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material.

Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Services:

• Site evaluation:
– Geotechnical investigations
– Sinkhole investigations
– Geologic surveys
– Geophysical surveys
– Geomorphologic studies
– Hydrogeologic studies
– Rippability analyses
– Interpretation of aerial photographs

• Sitting of structures

• Borrow material investigations

• Assessment of potential quarry sites

• Geotechnical evaluation of:
– Shallow and deep foundations
– Retaining walls (concrete, MSE walls)
– Slopes
– Harbor and pier facilities
– Dikes and earth damts

• Landslide correction

• Riprap shore protection

• Site improvement:
– Earthwork observation
– Design and observation of grouting applications
– Design and observation of surcharge installations

• Pile load tests monitoring and evaluation
– Static axial and lateral load tests
– Dynamic load tests (PDA)
– Pile Integrity Tests (PIT)
– Osterberg Cell load tests

• Forensic engineering

• Expert witness

Soils Testing Services:

• Drilling:
– Hollow Stem-Augers and Wash Borings for drilling in soil
– Sampling by Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Shelby Tube (Undisturbed)
– Rotary drilling for coring in rock
– Monitoring well & piezometers installation
– Inclinometer installation

• Field testing
– Field density test (nuclear method)
– Superficial percolation test
– Field California Bearing Ratio test (CBR)
– Electrical resistivity surveys
– Seismic refraction surveys
– Microgravity surveys

• Laboratory Soil testing:
– Standard testing:

• Classification and Index Tests of soils (moisture content, Atterberg Limits, visual-manual description, etc.)
• Grain Size (sieve analysis and hydrometer)
• Other (pH and chloride, electrical resistivity, etc.)

Advanced testing:

• Strength tests (triaxial testing, direct shear, etc.)
• Volume changes tests (consolidation tests, potential volume change, etc.)
• Proctor compaction tests (Modified & Standard)
• Laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test

Materials Testing Services:

• Concrete and Aggregates:
– Casting, curing, and compression testing of concrete cylinders
– Field tests (slump, air content, spread, etc.)
– Concrete core recovery and testing

• Steel testing

• Miscellaneous materials testing:
– Plastics
– Ceramics
– Wood
– Glass
– Others, as required

Aditional Services:

• Welding inspections (AWS / CWI)
• Non-destructive testing:
– Visual inspection (VT)
– Radiographic inspection (RT)
– Dye penetrant inspection (PT)
– Magnetic particle inspection (MT)
– Ultrasonic inspection (UT)

• Corrosion testing (NACE)
• Sprayed-On Fire Resistive Inspection (SFRM)
• Coatings testing / inspection
• Structural Investigations
• Quality Control & Inspection Services for Civil Engineering Projects